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Real Estate Tools

Mortgage calculator

Moving into a new home can be a thrilling experience but you need to know that you can still afford to live in relative comfort. Have a look at our mortgage calculator to see whether the estimate you’ve calculated in your head adds up to the value of your prospective Coconut Creek home.

Real Estate Glossary

Real estate is a field of study all its own which means that people in the business have their own terminology. To stay in the know, have a look at our real estate glossary where you will find definition to the common words used in the real estate industry.

Affordability calculator

You are buying a home and need to know home much you can pay on a regular basis. How much could you afford if there was a different interest rate? What if the length of the mortgage was shorter? What if you paid bi-weekly instead of monthly? The affordability calculator will help you see what options are best for you.

Buyer FAQ

You’re looking to buy a home in or around Coconut Creek but, like everyone, you have some questions. Aurelus Realty Group, Inc. invites you to have a look at our buyer FAQ to see what people in your position commonly ask about.

Seller FAQ

Planning on selling your home? You must have a lot on your mind. Why not have a look at our seller FAQ so you can get some answers? If there are any questions which are not answered here then please feel free to contact Aurelus Realty Group, Inc. with any questions you may have.